Correct line drawing in PUTTY

Hi all,

I had some issues with line drawing when accessing my linux box from work. I found the following workaround in this site:

To make it all work right, you need to twiddle the following configuration settings:

Terminal → Keyboard:

Change the sequences sent by: The Functions keys and Keypad:
Select Linux.

Window → Appearance:

Font settings:
Pick a font that contains the Unicode line drawing characters, such as Andale Mono or Lucida Console. (Unfortunately Vista’s gorgeous new Consolas font does not have those.)

Window → Translation:

Character set translation on received data:
Select UTF-8.
Adjust how PuTTY handles line drawing characters:
Select Use Unicode line drawing code points.

Connection → Data:

Terminal details: Terminal-type string:
Enter “linux”.

Now line drawing characters should show up as they are supposed to.


I also had do the following:
Terminal -> Features
check – Disable bidirectional text display

to get aptitude running correctly