2. Know what’s happening to your system. Get Portsentry and Logcheck from http://www.psionic.com
3. Get a good firewall i.e. ipchains or iptables.
4. Shut down all unneeded ports, RPC port 111 etc.
5. Don’t offer Telnet or even SSH to your customers.
6. Don’t allow anonymous ftp.
7. Get a static IP number from your ISP and limit telnet / ssh to only that number. Remember to allow Dialtone’s IP number
( in so they can trouble shoot your system.
8. Once a week run a password guessing script to test your customers password for security. We like John-the-Ripper available at: http://www.openwall.com/john/
9. Get and use chkrootkit available from http://www.chkrootkit.org/
10. Join Dshield.org and fightback through their system: http://www.dshield.org/ we even post a warning to hackers and crackers on our web site about reporting all attempts to Dshield

Crontab editoru olarak Pico nasil kullanilir?
export VISUAL=pico; crontab -e

Sonu pid olan dosyalari konsoldan arayip nasil buluruz?
find /var /usr -name “*pid” -print

Boyutu 100 MB dan buyuk dosyalari bulmaca :

# find / -size +100000k

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpsd restart

httpsd yi restart eder


for E in `/bin/ls`; do tar -czvf$E.tar.gz $E; done
mv *.tar.gz /home/_backup/test

/home altindaki butun dizinleri tek tek tar.gz yapar ayni yere atar
backup icin cok sahane cozum uretir 🙂


Nasil dosya sikistirilir? acilir?
tar zcvf etc.tar.gz /etc >>> /etc dizinini etc.tar.gz olarak sikistirir
tar zxvf etc.tar.gz >>> etc.tar.gz dosyasini oldugu yere acar


Bi dizini oldugu gibi bi baska makinada bi baska ftp hesabina nasil upload ederiz?
You can upload an entire directory tree of files by using the -R flag. Example:

$ ncftpput -R pikachu.nintendo.co.jp /incoming /tmp/stuff


for i in `cat domains.txt`;do ./vadddomain -q 10240000 $i password;done

qmaile batch domain ekleme olayi
/home/vpopmail/bin icinde calistir bunu
domains.txt icinde her satirda 1 domain olacak
password yazan yeri istedigin bi password ile degistir

olsun bitsin


for i in `cat mailadresleri.txt`;do ./vadduser -q 10240 $i 123perf;done

qmaile batch mail user ekleme olayi
yukardakinin aynisi 123perf parolasi ile tum mail hesaplarini ekler


for E in `/bin/ls`; do rm -rf $E/www/wusage; done

tum dizineki alt dizinler altinda
dzinlerini ziler


Eski bir linux adduser scripti. Hos isler yapiyo cekmek veya gormek icin: